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Andrew Garrett

Available to assist with:

– Magnet Forensics Axiom
– Logicube
– Case Strategy
– Windows Forensics

Garrett has 15 years experience and has testified through oral deposition, written report and on the stand in over 175 cases and previously managed the largest eDiscovery and Computer Forensic Lab in the US.

Mike Primeau- Forensic expert

Mike Primeau

Available to assist with:

– Video Forensic 
– Audio Forensic

Michael Primeau FVT, BSAET has been practicing digital media forensics for over 8 years. He specializes in audio, video and image forensic analysis. 

To protect the integrity of Primeau Forensics, LTD., as well as the integrity of the investigations that he performs for his clients, any forensic analysis must be approached from an unbiased third party scientific perspective. The most exciting part about Michael’s job is not only helping the trier of fact, litigators or private clients answer complicated questions, but also to present complex data in a simple understanding.

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