Cell towers forensics: crime scene coverage survey


The event took place in a suburb area of the town, not equipped with security cameras. No witness noticed the fact. How can investigators verify a suspect’s alibi according to the testimony? Investigators are able to start the analysis of the radio environment activity in order to detect cell sites that literally cover the whole area of interest, with conditions most similar to the day of the crime. According to the survey performed and BTS logs examination, they can specifically focus only on the group of cells with interesting parameters in order to understand the suspect’s mobile movements and a potential involvement. Asking for the traffic phone records (CDR) of these cells, investigators can search for some valuable junctions in terms of time, location and mobile events which happened under the coverage of these cell towers.

Fig. 1: forensics module BTS Tracker, cell towers real coverage survey

BTS Tracker measures radio environment activities, specifically the real cells coverage of an area of interest. “To which BTS was the suspect connected to at the time of the fact?”

The technology assists investigators in verifying the range of a BTS to which devices could have been registered and investigate possible ways of escape and habits of people involved. It collects: signal strength, bands, frequencies, etc. simultaneously for every carrier and technology without a SIM card. The mobile APP manages the BTS survey, then the log-files are analysed with a dedicated software-platform.

Key features:

  • 2G/3G/4G technology
  • Survey every telephone operator (carrier) at the same time
  • Dedicated BTS scan option
  • Weak signal identification
  • Accurate radio survey (bands, frequency etc.)
  • Module easy to carry around
  • Battery autonomy
  • APP command
  • Map out and analysis with dedicated desktop software

Who we are

SecurCube srl is the digital forensics company specialized in technology for the analysis of phone records (CDR) and cell towers (BTS) real coverage investigation. The team cooperates, on national and international levels, with law enforcements and experts committed to the examination of electronic devices and related data, providing consulting and training as well.



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