Atola TaskForce 2020.1: Imaging into a file on an encrypted target

By Yulia Samoteykina

We are pleased to announce the release Atola TaskForce 2020.1!

This firmware’s key feature is imaging into a file on an encrypted target drive.

Target drive encryption

Atola TaskForce creates an encrypted exFAT partition using VeraCrypt with a 256-bit AES algorithm on the target drive, which the user locks with a password.

This way you make your Storage drive encrypted. All image files remain safe and protected during evidence preservation or transfer.

Mounting an encrypted Storage for further analysis of its images

To mount the encrypted volume for further use of the image file, a user can plug the target drive into a computer and use VeraCrypt soft.

Use the password set prior to the imaging session to access the encrypted data on the target drive.

All Changes

New Features


  • Create encrypted password-protected VeraCrypt volume on a target drive to store images
  • Recent folder tiles in Device panel’s File section to speed up target file location choice
  • Optimization of TaskForce memory usage when imaging to E01
  • Visual checkmarks in reports to compare hashes during and after imaging

Case management

  • Case export to a USB stick or any other Storage
  • Case import from a USB stick or any other Storage
  • Deletion of cases and reports

User experience improvements

  • Revamped UI across the whole interface
  • File browser: faster folder opening, cleaner look & feel
  • More accessible smartphone UI

Support of SAS drives with non-standard sector sizes: 520, 528, 4080 bytes, etc.

Settings page shows MAC addresses of both TaskForce Ethernet ports

Web API, /check-task call

  • New query parameter – source. Example: /api/check-task?source=SATA5
  • New result fields: source, completionDate

User Manual is now built into TaskForce firmware



  • Issue mounting Oracle ZFS NAS to store image files
  • It was impossible to select a network target folder with password-protected Guest account
  • Small sector blocks were not visible in the imaging map progress bar

Other fixes

  • Possible E01 validation issue when selecting huge 10TB+ image
  • Occasional error when formatting a target drive to Storage with exFAT
  • False The disk claims that it won’t read multiple sectors at a time message in Diagnostics (a rare case)
  • Cancel button wasn’t properly working during the operations: Identifying device, Creating target file, Checking source device

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